So I would like to get into it, so where do I start?

What a great question, you could come down to the club on a Sunday morning between about 8am- 11am and have a chat to a few of us, we will try to guide you in the right direction.

If you are looking to drive cars you can purchase most from either a hobby shop or on-line, assemble according to the instructions and you are pretty well good to go and if you run into problems you can bring to down to the club and we can have a look or there are many online forums that can help.

If you are looking to fly either planes, helicopters or drones a good thing to purchase is a good RC flight simulator.  Even if you are experienced you can’t get enough stick time.  The simulators I prefer are Aerofly Professional Deluxe or Great Planes Real Flight and again you can purchase on-line or from a hobby shop.

You will also need a trainer type aeroplane. A couple of suggestions would be the Bixler from HobbyKing or the Timber from Durafly also available from HobbyKing.  Both of these are made from polystyrene foam and are very durable and fly great.  They are electric powered which means you don’t need to worry about running a nitro engine.

Visiting Hobby Central is also a very good thing to do they are located in Cannonvale and their website is: